Demon Hunter's Journal - Introduction

I'd always sworn I'd never write fanfic - I never thought I could do anything that would compare to the creator's vision, or to the expansions on it I'd seen in some of the better fanfic out there. (Thanks, Richard Lawson, Tim Nolan, John Biles, Jeff Hosmer, Fred Herriot, Chris Davies, Greenbeans, and other people I should remember but am blanking on at the moment.)

So what's this, then? Well, when an inspiration hits you, you gotta run with it.

Anyway, Demon Hunter's Journal is (despite the title) my first Sailor Moon story, and the introduction to a group of stories I call the Crystal Kingdom Archives. I've shamelessly mixed manga and anime continuity in the background, and interpreted some things from both according to my own twisted ideas, so there's sure to be something to offend everyone somewhere or other.

The full story is as follows:
Chapter 1: No Shit, There I Was
Chapter 2: Return of the Demon Hunter
Chapter 3: Sailor Pluto Takes a Hand
Chapter 4: Changes
Chapter 5: MacManus Industries
Chapter 6: An Old Enemy
Chapter 7: Awakening
Chapter 8: An Old Friend
Chapter 9: Freaking the American
Chapter 10: Fluorite
Chapter 11: A Wedding
Chapter 12: Explanations Are Never Easy
Chapter 13: Returning Home
Chapter 14: Closing the Circle

I do use a couple conventions in my writing. When you see something that's enclosed in double asterisks, **like this**, that indicates a mental conversation. When you see something that's emphasized like this, that indicates thoughts that aren't part of a conversation. I think that covers it all.

A short glossary of non-Japanese terms:
Ankh, Udja, Seneb: A simple blessing, always used when referring to the Niswt, which can be read as "May life, health, and strength be upon <name>." In writing, it's frequently abbreviated AUS.
Djehuty: The Netjer mistakenly called "Thoth".
Em Hotep: A Khemetic phrase that translates literally as "in peace". It's commonly used as a greeting, the equivalent of "Good Day".
Henu: A gesture of praise, blessing, and greeting. It's performed by raising both hands, palms forward, and bowing. The depth of bow varies, much the same way a Japanese bow does.
Ienpw: An approximate phonetic spelling of the Netjer mistakenly called "Anubis".
Khem: The land and civilization of the Nile; what is mistakenly called "Egypt".
Khemetic: Someone or something from Khem.
Netjer: God
Niswt: Literally, Queen. The leader of those who follow the Khemetic religion.
Smis-Dw: A Khemetic name that means "Hunter of Evil".

For those who play the Sailor Moon Fanfic Drinking Game, score the following:

5 drinks for combat
1 drink for Chibi-Usa
2 drinks for Outer Senshi
3 drinks for serious injury to Haruka in the opening scene
2 drinks for flirting with the other Senshi
12 drinks for both Setsuna and Hotaru appearing
At least a six-pack for all of Setsuna's plot points (maybe more - Setsuna's pretty important to this story)
A couple cans for Hotaru's plot points
10 drinks for Sailor Saturn (and tell us where you can run to that she won't get you, eh?)
2 drinks for a new villain named after a gem
3 drinks for the narrator dying and coming back to life

New Characters:
6 drinks for two new characters (neither of whom are Senshi)
2 drinks for instant distrust of one of the new characters
3 drinks for one of the new characters being from the Silver Millenium
1 drink for author insertion
2 drinks for romantic relationship between author and one of the Senshi

1 drink for poor Naru

Hmm . . . looks like you might as well just buy a case and not worry about it. :)

Oh, yes. The legal stuff:

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon, Sailor Senshi, and all terms, names, etc. associated with the series are copyrighted by Naoko Takeuchi and Kodansha. I make no claim to them and this work of fanfiction should not be seen as making a claim.

Those characters and concepts that are original, the Crystal Kingdom Archives, and the story "Demon Hunter's Journal", are copyrighted (c) 2000 by Bill Hartwell.

Raven, Fred MacManus, David and Edgar MacManus, MacManusite, and the Ravenfield are copyrighted (c) 1980 by Bill Hartwell.

Ben, Eve, Diana, Alex, and Lauren are Copyrighted (c) 1992 by Bill Hartwell

Knights in Tarnished Armor is Copyrighted (c) 1998 by Bill Hartwell

Rated: PG-13

WARNING: If you're offended by gay and lesbian romance, go read someone else's work, because you won't like ANYTHING I write.

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