Aa! Megami-Senshi! Introduction

This is yet another part of the Crystal Kingdom Archives. It helps if you've read Demon Hunter's Journal first, but (hopefully) it's not necessary. It's the result of reading far too many fanfics of both series and too many late night pots of hojicha. It fits into Crystal Kingdom continuity somewhere between Cooking with Makoto and Forsaken Heart. It fits into AMS continuity sometime after the Wedding (Come on, you know whose wedding I'm talking about).

The inspiration came when I wondered how the characters from AMS would cope with being in the world of Sailor Moon. Despite the romantic content and hope that elevates SM, it strikes me as an inherently darker world than that of AMS. I hope I've managed to do justice to both.

I started with the assumption I'd post this through Dejanews, so I broke it into sections that were short enough to guarantee not running into the Deja post length limit. Then I realized I could post through my email account and not have that problem, so I combined the short sections into more natural divisions. It looks like there will probably be three parts when I'm finished. (Update as of March, 2004: As you can see, there's a place for Part Four here, and it's still unfinished, so we'll see if it's the last, or if there's more to come.)

So far, the parts as planned are:

Part One: A Demon's Heart

Part Two: The Trouble With Keiichi

Part Three: Aa! Megami-Senshi!

Part Four: Going Home

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon, Sailor Senshi, and all terms, names, etc. associated with the series are copyrighted by Naoko Takeuchi and Kodansha. I make no claim to them and this work of fanfiction should not be seen as making a claim.

Aa! Megamisama!, and all terms, names, etc., associated with the series, are copyrighted by Kousuke Fujishima and Kodansha. I make no claim to them and this work of fanfiction should not be seen as making a claim.

Those characters and concepts that are original, the Crystal Kingdom Archives, and the story "Aa! Megami-Senshi!", are copyrighted 2000 by Bill Hartwell.

Rated: PG-13

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